This a Help Me Out section for anyone that is experiencing high anxiety, stress, abuse,
bullying problems or other info we can share.
Don’t ever let any bigot or bully make you feel bad about yourself!
If you are or have experienced sexual abuse, now or in the past, you are not alone.
This is not a new problem and if you have been threatened to keep quiet, it is people
that bully and abuse that are afraid themselves, because of what they have done, that
It is not acceptable and should not have to be tolerated by anyone.

You need to reach out. I was a victim, my grandmother experienced it, thousands of other
people have experienced it. It is only by coming forward and helping each other that we
can put an end to these type of predators.

You can reach out to us, or we have provided some information that may be more local.
The forums are here to talk to each other. You don’t have to live a life in fear
or be subjected to abuse, it is wrong and people that do it need to be stopped.


For more resources, google the topic, ie. bullying, sexual abuse and your location.
Example: “bullying syracuse, ny” or maybe “sexual abuse witchita, kansas”

LGBT Youthline Canada

Erase Bullying Canada

GLBT National Help Center USA

Youth Alert – Bullying USA

The Trevor Project

Out & Online Australia

Bullying No Way! Australia

Helplines New Zealandd

Bullying Free New Zealand

Teenage Helpline UK

LGBT Foundation Manchester, UK

Stand Up to Bullying UK

LGBT Youth Scotland

Respect Me Scotland

LGBT Helpline Ireland

Sticks and Stones Ireland

LGBT Cymru Helpline Wales

Bullies Out Wales

Parents of GLBTQ Youth Tips